Our Bestseller - SYD & BRIS only !

German/Continental deluxe HUT DOG catering package



Our most popular package!

German/continental deluxe HUT DOG catering package – up to 2h all you can eat*

  • Freshly baked white and brown bread rolls
  • Chicken Frankfurters, German Bratwurst- & Cheese Kransky sausages (all free-range)
  • Gourmet vegan sausage (Suzy Spoons)
  • Sauerkraut, pickled gherkins, caramelised onions, bacon bits, and tasty cheese
  • Sweet, hot & American mustards, tomato-, BBQ-, Chilly + our house-made Berlin Curry sauce
  • Biodegradable trays, wooden cutlery, brown napkins

$22/head – food only (drop-off package).

If you want the food served from one of our great-looking HUT DOG stands, an additional cost of $250 applies for the stand and operator for 2h all-you-can-eat service.


*We allow 1 hour for lunches and up to 2 hours for dinners.

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